Remember that feeling when you were going on vacation to an unfamiliar place as a child? That nervous, anxious, and yet excited anticipation of a new experience? Move forward a few years when you are getting ready for the first day of high school. The same feeling is there: excitement and anticipation for the unknown. We all secretly love new experiences. We all wish we traveled more, did more, and saw more because the excitement and anticipation we had as kid, teenager, and adult is something we crave. Why do we want to do things so badly but then never end up doing them (only to talk about wanting to do them)? Is it time? Money? Laziness? I run into these mental barriers all the time. “I can’t do that because I don’t have the time this year, sorry” or “I am too busy with other stuff.”

Just like forgotten New Year’s Resolutions, there is a simple reason why we don’t experience new things: it’s easy to do nothing. It’s easy to talk about new experiences, but it seems impossible to do them. We let limitations stand our way and complacency overcomes us. I want you all to take action, to spend the time to think about what you want to calvin-and-hobbes-wagondo and how you are going to do it. Regain that feeling you had as a child and experience new things (notice the Calvin and Hobbes comic…a true reminder of children’s excitement for new experiences).

My quest for an MBA is that childhood desire coming out. I was getting complacent with my current state of learning and wanted to see more, do more. Will it stretch my time thin and test my ability to get more work done with less time? Already has. Will it stress me out at times? Already did. Will it cost a lot? You bet. Will it teach me new topics and expose me to new avenues of learning? Every day. You and I can always manage our time better then we think (go back to my first post) and money can always be made if we find creative ways to do it. What you can’t get more of is time to learn and experience, so make the best of the time we have.

There is a great website I read often called “Impossible HQ” (thanks for the reference, Jason). The following link talks about living life “in draft mode” all the time. Don’t let this happen to you. Get out there, experience new things, and keep the momentum of life going.


Happy Learning,



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