about me.


I attended Boston University where I studied Aerospace Engineering during my undergrad. I stayed involved as much as possible with the Rocket Team, student government, part time jobs, consulting work and anything else that kept me busy. I also spent 6 months in Dresden, Germany studying back in 2006 and have since expanded on my passion for international travel. When it came time to graduate, I decided it was best I headed for the sunshine and the start-ups in LA: I started work at SpaceX.

SpaceX was a demanding job, but I have had the fortune to experience a lot out in LA. From SCUBA diving to skydiving and CrossFit to the best Mexican food under the sun (sorry San Diego), California has been a great experience (not to mention I met my fiance, Holley, while at SpaceX too :)).Scuba

With over 4 years at SpaceX under my belt (consisting of a half dozen rocket launches, three docks with the International Space Station, and more caffeine then I can add up) and a new management job at McMaster-Carr (the best in the logistics business), I am ready to make the transition to the business world with an MBA. My number one promise to myself has always been to never stop learning. Going back to school is a continuation of that promise and this blog is a story of that journey.

Feel free to contact me at doucetten@gmail.com and check out my LinkedIn page here. You can also follow me on twitter @doucetten.


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