additional reading.

The second most influential part of my life (second to my parents) has been reading. I was “forced” to read as a young kid and have developed the habit since. Below are some of the most influential books for me in addition to my current readings. I feel understanding what a person reads also shows how that person thinks (and spends his/her time :)).

Most Influential (must reads)

Atlas Shrugged

Good to Great

The Four Hour series

The Magic of Thinking Big

Current Reads (stuff I just read or am reading)

The Start Up of You

Dan Brown’s novels

Blogs I Follow (virtual reads)

Blog of Author Timothy Ferriss


Geeks are Sexy (hey, we can dream)

I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Blog of Impossible Things

Past Books (all the other fun I have read)

The Personal MBA

The One Minute Manager

How Winning Works

The Fountainhead


Tipping Point

The Food Lover’s Companion

ANY Bill Bryson book


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