stuff i like.

Books aren’t the only thing I use to explore. There are a lot of other gadgets, hacks, and other things I like to experiment with. Here is a list and some links!

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Hands down one of the most powerful mental hacks you can do. I start just about every day off with this and hate when I have to skip it. Make sure you use the MCT oil (I made the mistake of just using butter)…if you want even better energy, check out Upgraded Brain Octane Oil.



Fitness is paramount to mental success. CrossFit has been a godsend since I started 3 years ago. The community, the encouragement, and the results make it all worth it. Let me tell it’s not easy, nor should it be. You will be more exhausted and more sore than anything you have every done. But each day you will come back eventually achieving physical feats you didn’t even know exfisted (handstand push ups!?!). I ¬†belong to a fantastic gym, CrossFit Intrepid, where I have found a second family here on the West Coast (CrossFit Intrepid)

Check out your local gym!


Theracane (via Amazon)

Ummmmm, where has this been my whole life? Just buy one and thank me later. You no longer need anyone to massage you AND you can look funny at work when you bust this out in a meeting and start making hilarious noises of pain.


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